You only need to register and select the number of storage boxes and book the service, then our professional staff will transfer the storage boxes to your
designated address at the predetermined date. After packing up, Our staff will collect your storage boxes back to our secure and safety store. When you
want to retrieve the items, Just login to your on line account, Select the required storage box you want to retrieve, then we will return your item in your
preferable day.

Service area of i-Store GO?

Our services are cover Bangkok area.

What is the business hours of i-Store GO?

Our staff works Monday to Sunday from 9.00 to 18.00, and off on National holiday.

I cannot login to my account, what can I do?

Please call our customer service staff. We will solve the problem for you as soon as possible.

Can I send the boxes to other city or country?

We cannot provide the service for time being.

How can I arrange to have the items pick up for storage after packing up?

Login to your account, and follow the instructions. It will be completed within two minutes.

How can I retrieve my items after changing my dwelling place?

Each user account can register one address only. However, if the new address is out of service area, please call our customer service officer to sort out the solution for you.

Service process

Online booking. And wait for the arrival of storage boxes to your specified address.

Is there a limit the on the weight of the box?

The maximum weight for storage box to 20kg. It is likely to exceed the weight limit if a storage box if full of books, and impose additional burden to our delivery staff. We will be very grateful if you assign appropriate objects to storage boxes, such as books and cloths in one box, they will fit each other.

Can you help me to pack up?

We are happy to provide you with the delivery service, but please understand that we want to protect your privacy and security that we cannot be of your service in packing up your items.

How do I mark those items and upload those photos of my contents in the items?

Each storage box has its own ID and barcode. You can upload your box name, content and photos. Wherever you are you can browse your items online.

Can you wait when I handle my items?

Due to time constraints, we will not be able to wait more than 20 minutes. Please be prepared in advance the progress in order to save time.

Can I cancel and change the delivery after confirmation made?

If you need to change or cancel the delivery of the service, notify us at least one working day before the schedule delivery and before 18.00 Call customer service staff to cancel the booking. Administration fee of 500 baht will be charged when cancellation is applied on the delivery day.

The Delivery team did not appear in the appointed period.

We are so sorry that our delivery team could not make it. Our team could be late in rush hours. Please call our customer service staff who will inform you of our team’s current location and the estimated arrival time.

What will happen, if I cannot keep the appointment within the predetermined time?

We will wait for you for 20 minutes meanwhile we will try to get in touch with you. If you still cannot make it. 200 baht penalty charge will be imposed.

Will you refund monthly fee on pro-rata basis?

Sorry, we charge at least 3 months fee per storage box. If you end the lease early, a whole fee will be charged for that period 3 months and will not refund on pro-rata basis.

Will you open my items?

Generally we do not make any surveillance in the items. But in rare cases, if dangerous goods, illegal goods, odor, were suspected being kepit inside the items or we are under authorization that we have to open the boxes. Before taking the action, we will do everything to inform you.

If my items were damaged in the delivery, what am I going to do?

Your items are under our extreme care. Each storage boxes are very durable. We will also try to shorten the delivery time of each order. If extreme happens, we will provide liquidated damages and penalty for each storage box can reduce your loss.

Can I have a less than one month storage?

You have to sign up 3 or 6 or 12 months contract for first time.